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How Getting Paid Works

Comission Structures

Sales You Make

Sales Your Team Makes

You Earn 10% Forever!

No matter how many clients they sign or how long they stick with us, you'll earn 10% of all the deals they sign

Making Money With Your Eyes Closed:

It's completely passive and automated. No additional work is required from your side to make this 10% aside from answering a question here and there and being supportative.

Exponential Growth:

Every additional person underneath you increases the chances of one of them signing a client. Overtime and practice, they'll get better and better leading to more clients which means you collect more 10%'s. Eventually they'll get people to join underneath them and you'll collect 5% of all these additional member's sales despite not lifting a finger. This process goes on and on...

How Your Pay Grows Over Time

The Progression Ladder


Sign 5 Clients

Minimum basic salary guaranteed every month


Sign 8 Clients

Access to all of the company perks


Sign 15 Clients

Opportunity to work within Innoful Media in other divisions


Sign 20 Clients

Paid salary raises 
to it's highest level

Leaderboard And Competition

On the 1st of every month our sales leaderboard resets. The rules are simple:


Top 2:

Get a bonus which changes monthly
(The current prize for the month will be on the leaderboard page)


Bottom 2:

Get a strike and after 2 strikes they are removed from the program.

The Logistics


When it comes to getting payed, we'll pay you on the xth of every month. The payment processor we use is called Hello Paisa, you will need to fill out a document (only once) that Hello Paisa emails you once we pay you. The money takes 48 hours to get into your account.

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